(HEAD OFFICE) Chemin Sidi Yahia lot B Cooperative 65 bloc 40 Hydra, 16000Alger

+ 213 23  544 404
+ 213 23  544 403

Adlane Belabdelouahab

General Manager

Abderrahmane Belkheir

Agency Manager

Abdelkrim Saad Port Operation Responsible

Seifeddine Iddır

Port Operation External Shipping Clerk

Nacer Hamidouche

Internal Shipping Clerk

Reda Tibiche

Ship Informer Clerk

Sihem Fougar

Shipping Control Clerk

Nacer Chennit

Shipping Control Clerk

Saida Dahane

Documentation Responsible

Hamida Mesli

Documentation Clerk

Kamilia Zerour

Documentation Clerk

Younes Benazouau

Documentation Clerk


Documentation Clerk

Nawel Lakehal

Delivery Order Clerk

Abdelhalim Maachi

Delivery Order Clerk Supervisor

Sarah Sahnoun

Delivery Order Clerk

Youcef Ouguerguouz

Cost Control Responsible

Maha Boulares

Cost Control Clerk

Faouzi Belaidene

Sales & Marketing Director

Oualid Boukra

Sales & Bto B Responsible

Hanane Dramchia

Customer Service Supervisor

Nassima Khelifati

Customer Service Representative

Sonia Friha

Customer Service Representative

Nadjib Laoubi  Customer Service Representative

Djamila Mansouri

Development & Strategies Responsible

Lydia Zemmouri

Sales & Marketing Representative

Cherifa Athmani

Global Account & Commodities Specialist

Luiza Tegmount

System & Analysis Supervisor

Lina Belaloui

Quest Med Specialist

Ines Abla Djoudi

Line Responsible Hapag Llody

Toufik Aissi

Sales & Marketing Representative

Yacine Ouared

Logistic Manager

Radah Aoudia

Bejaia Sales Responsible

Yacine CHAYA

Sales & Marketing Representative

Kelthoum Tourab

Billing Responsible

Sihem Thaibaoui

Logistic Responsible

Youcef Benbelouar

Demurage Supervisor

Abdelghani Zekhrouf

Claim Clerk

Nesrine Saidi Claim Clerk

Djahida Lazazi

Claim Clerk

Sihem Dahou

Billing Clerk

Souhila Bouleghmane

Delivery Order Clerk

Chakib Messali

Port Operation Clerk

Yacine Hadjaissa

Logistic Clerk

Rabah Laichouni

Logistic Clerk/Reefer

Mouloud Ziazia

Accounting&Finance Director

Mehdi Abdelmoutaleb

Transfer-Line Accounts Responsible

Mehdi Derrough

Collection Responsible

Reda Namane

Transfer & Line Accounts Clerk

Fatiha Bahi

Accounting & Finance Clerk

Lamia Ougueni

Accounting & Finance Clerk

Billel Boukraba

Accounting & Finance Clerk

Nassim Alioua

Accounting & Finance Clerk

Meriem Meziane

Accounting & Finance Clerk

Mounia Bitout

Accounting & Finance Clerk

Brahim Benhamlaoui

Cash Desk Clerk

Merieme Siheme Boudiaf

Hr & Adm. Aff. Manager

Tewfik Metref

IT Responsible

Hadjer Saifi

Adm. Affairs Coordinator

Redouane Lazouri

Adm. Affairs Clerk

Amine Doudou

IT Clerk

Keltoum Hamdi

Administration Clerk

Assia Bentahar

HR Clerk

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