Spain Aegean (ASA) Baf increase notice Feb 22nd 2012

Spain Aegean (ASA) Baf increase notice Feb 22nd 2012

Date: 22/02/2012


Dear Customer,


Kindly note that, ongoing increases in the bunker prices has forced Arkas Line to apply a BAF increase in certain trades.


As of 5th of March 2012, € 30/Teu BAF increase will be applied to all Spain– Aegean & B. Sea traffics , €10/Teu BAF increase to all Aegean –Spain traffics.


Increase is valid for :


Spanish ports (Valencia, Castellon, and Barcelona)

Aegean ports (Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Marport, Evyap, Gemlik, and Izmir)

And inbound traffics to Black Sea Ports (Novorossiysk, Constanta, Odessa, Varna, Poti )


Updated BAF levels will be as follows:


Spain – Turkey : old BAF € 135 / teu - new BAF € 165/ teu

Spain – Greece : old BAF € 100/ teu – new BAF € 130/teu

Spain – Black Sea : old BAF € 85 / teu – new BAF € 115 /teu


Turkey – Spain : old BAF € 120/ teu – new BAF € 130/ teu

Greece – Spain : old BAF € 85 / teu – new BAF € 95 / teu


BAF increases will be valid as from M/v Roza ASA 10E Eta Valencia 05/03, Eta Castellon 06/03, Eta Barcelona 08/03. M/v Tomriz ASA 09W Eta Thessaloniki 06/03, Eta Marport 08/03, Eta Evyap 09/03, Eta Gemlik 10/03, Eta Izmir 12/03, Eta Piraeus 14/03


We are hoping that our valued customers will understand and be supportive on this increase which aims to cover increasing bunker costs and for sure has high importance to protect service quality.


If you have any further questions regarding this charge please feel free to contact your local Arkas agent.


Yours sincerely


Arkas Line

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