Blacksea BAF Increase Notice 29-03-2012

BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor) INCREASE

Date: 29/03/2012


Dear Customer,


Arkas Line will apply a $10 per teu BAF increase from Blacksea Ports. Increase will be applied according to the below vessel departures.


Romania / Ukraine / Bulgaria: Marguerite A (ROCND ETA 17.4 & UAODS 18.4 & BGVAR 20.4)


Russia: Wanda A (RUNVS ETA 15.4)


Georgia: Esra A (GEPTI ETA 19.4)


We are hoping that our valued customers will understand and be supportive on this increase which aims to cover increasing bunker costs and for sure has high importance to protect service quality.


Yours sincerely


Arkas Line

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