As Arkas Line, we aim to maintain our place as the sector leader through our Integrated Management System, as well as following-up and constantly improving our processes through innovative activities while providing International Multimodal Container Transport Services.
We are aware that our responsibility to our shareholders and the environment requires us to do more than the law & regulations do. Minimising the negative effect of our operations on the environment, improving performance of our processes continuously and encouraging our staff members, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to adopt the same practices are the fundamentals of our policy, which is an inseparable part of our business strategy and method.
In order to practice this policy, we commit to
Be customer-oriented and ensure the continuity in customer satisfaction;
Meet the obligation by monitoring the legal & other requirements and managing the changes while providing our services, ensuring the occupational health & safety, and managing our impact on the environment;
Develop systems to ensure health & safety, prevent work accidents and keep the risks under control during our operations;
Keep the physical and emotional health of our stakeholders and  protect them especially from occupational illness
Maintain our approach towards the preservation of the environment and respect for human life, prevent the pollution, reduce the potential impacts of our operations in maritime sector and any other sectors and our use of the natural resources to minimum levels;
Continuously show the best effort to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, use the natural resources responsibly and prevent our vessels from polluting the seas;
Publish our policies and determinative performance data on regular basis;
Increase awareness through our practices and fulfil the requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards with the participation of our staff members, update our policy regularly which is shaped in accordance with our objectives and targets. 
Suleyman AVCI
General Manager

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