PIRAEUS (HEAD OFFICE) 33 Akti Miaouli Street 185 35 Piraeus
Head Office: : +30 210 45 99 460
Head Office: + 30 210 45 99 463
E-MAIL arkas@arkas-hellas.gr
Position P.I.C. Ext Mail Address
Managing Director Philippos Costopoulos 304 Philippos.COSTOPOULOS@arkas-hellas.gr
Managing Director Wanda Costopoulos 303 Wanda.COSTOPOULOS@arkas-hellas.gr
Sales & Marketing Manager Manos Kyriakakis 211 Manos.Kyriakakis@arkas-hellas.gr
Sales & Marketing Representative Dionysis Sinopoulos 310 Dionysis.SINOPOULOS@arkas-hellas.gr
Sales & Marketing Representative Panagiotis Andreou 317 Panayiotis.Andreou@arkas-hellas.gr
Trade & Pricing Representative Elli Samoladou 324 Elli.Samoladou@arkas-hellas.gr
Customer Loyalty &
Documentation Supervisor
Lena Apostolidou 321 Lena.Apostolidou@arkas-hellas.gr
Customer Loyalty Representative Marilena Sapounaki 315 Marilena.Sapounaki@arkas-hellas.gr
Customer Loyalty Representative Spyridoyla Kantere 316 Spyridoula.Kantere@arkas-hellas.gr
Import Documentation Representative Dimitra Michalaki 333 Dimitra.Michalaki@arkas-hellas.gr
Import Documentation Representative Stelios Diamantopoulos 336 Stelios.Diamantopoulos@arkas-hellas.gr
Export Documentation Representative Stelios Froutatzis 335 Stelios.Froutatzis@arkas-hellas.gr
Export Documentation Representative Olga Apostolidou 321 Olga.Apostolidou@arkas-hellas.gr
CFC Transshipment Representative Kalli Divi 342 Kalli.Divi@arkas-hellas.gr
CFC Transshipment Representative Chris Tserkovits 341 Chris.Tserkovits@arkas-hellas.gr
Delivery Order Representative Ioanna Drakaki 540 Ioanna.Drakaki@arkas-hellas.gr
HR Manager Natassa Panagiotou 630 Natasa.Panagiotou@arkas-hellas.gr
Board Secretary & Corporate
Communication Coordinator
Katerina Goula 301/307 Katerina.Goula@arkas-hellas.gr
Receptionist & Corporate
Communication Assistant
Margarita Karvouni 300/330 Margarita.Karvouni@arkas-hellas.gr
IT Manager Vaggelis Konstantinidis 614/615 Vagelis.Konstantinidis@arkas-hellas.gr
IT Representative Nikos Lentzakis 616 Nikos.Lentzakis@arkas-hellas.gr
Delivery Order Representative Ioanna Drakaki 540 Ioanna.Drakaki@arkas-hellas.gr
Container Control & Inland
Transport Supervisor
Isidore Iconomou 220 Isidore.Iconomou@arkas-hellas.gr
Container Control Representative Chrysanthi Ioannidou 221 Chrysanthi.Ioannidou@arkas-hellas.gr
Container Control Representative Cleopatra Gkontasi 222 Cleopatra.Gkontasi@arkas-hellas.gr
Finance & Accounting Director Rania Hatzipanagiotou 600 Rania.Hatzipanagiotou@arkas-hellas.gr
Cost %  Georgia Parnavela 606 Georgia.Parnavela@arkas-hellas.gr
Purchasing Director Markos Diamantidis 620 Markos.Diamantidis@arkas-hellas.gr
D/As Representative Michalis Karasoulis 603 Michalis.Karasoulis@arkas-hellas.gr
Cashier Vaso Agapitou 601 Vaso.Agapitou@arkas-hellas.gr
Cost & Credit Control Team Michalis Hatzipetros 531 Michalis.Hatzipetros@arkas-hellas.gr
Port Operation Suoervisor Elias Balatoglou 700/701 Elias.Balatoglou@arkas-hellas.gr
Senior Port Operation George Kokonoglou 702 George.Kokonoglou@arkas-hellas.gr
Port Operation Representative Dimitris veis 702 Dimitris.Veis@arkas-hellas.gr
Port Operation Representative George Zisimopoulos 702 George.Zisimopoulos@arkas-hellas.gr
Port Operation Representative George Theodoromanolakis 702 George.Theodoromanolakis@arkas-hellas.gr
Port Operation Representative George Kampourakis 702 George.Kampourakis@arkas-hellas.gr
Port Operation Representative George Iatrou 702 George.Iatrou@arkas-hellas.gr
Port Operation Representative George Kokonoglou 702 George.Kokonoglou@arkas-hellas.gr

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