Arkas began operations as a vessel equipper in 1996. Arkas' first step was to build a fleet of three vessels by purchasing the Spanish-built 580 TEU (its first name was M/V VIVIEN A) and the 580 TEU (its first name was M/V WANDA A) from Singapore in 1996, and then adding the 569 TEU (its first name was M/V DIANE A) to the fleet in 1998. In 1999, the Arkas fleet was expanded with the addition of the 1,022 TEU M/V AYŞE A (its first name was BERNARD A), 1,022 TEU M/V ESRA A and the 540 TEU (its first name was M/V CLAIRE A).

In 2000, new vessels were ordered from the Peene Werft shipyards in Germany in order to increase the fleet's capacity and update it technologically. The newly-constructed 1,208 TEU M/V DANIEL A and M/V YİĞİTCAN A were added to the fleet in 2001. In 2002 1,221 TEU M/V AURETTE A and M/V LUCIEN G. A were added.The Danish-built 976 TEU MSC ŞEBNEM (HORACE A) was also purchased in 2002 in partnership with MSC.

In 2004, Arkas continued making investments and expanded its fleet with the newly-constructed 1,221 TEU M/V KARLA A (first called the VIVIEN A) and M/V GABRIEL A. In 2005, it added the newly-constructed 1,529 TEU vessels M/V MARGUERITE A and M/V HILDE A to its fleet.

The 1,604 TEU M/V CRISTINA A, M/V MARIO A, M/V MICHEL A and M/V JEAN PIERRE A, joined the fleet with ceremonies conducted in Germany in 2007. The Chinese-built 1,145 TEU M/V ROZA A and M/V TOMRIZ A vessels were delivered in Taiwan.The 1,604 TEU M/V CLAIRE A and M/V DIANE A were added to the fleet in 2008, while the M/V WANDA A and M/V BERNARD A vessels were built and added to the fleet in 2009. In April 2010, the M/V ERKUT A was sold and the 1,139 TEU M/V MARTINE A was added to the Arkas fleet. That year, Arkas expanded its fleet with the 1,139 TEU MV NATALIA A. Same year the 2,500 TEU M/V VIVIEN A the largest container vessel in Turkey added to the Arkas fleet., In 2011 its twin sister 2,500 TEU M/V GÜLBENİZ A is joined to the fleet. In 2012 1,199 TEU M/V  MATILDE A, In March 2013 1,139 TEU M/V INGA A and 1,022 TEU M/V ROSELINE A, In October 2013 its twin sister 907 TEU M/V NICOLAS A are joined to the fleet. In 2014 Arkas added new vessels to its Marine Fleet. In March 2.755 TEU M/V KEMAL A and in September 2.837 TEU M/V EMMA A  were joined to fleet. In the first six months of 2015 M/V MARTHA A, M/V PIERRE A, M/V ELECTRA A, M/V SASKIA A and M/V Caledonian Express and on September, M/V KAPTAN AYTAÇ A, M/V MEHMET KAHVECİ A joined to fleet, Arkas now has a total transport capacity of 72.710 TEU with 41 vessels.

Arkas Bunkering provides bunkering services for vessels in the Marmara and Aegean region with its 7 barges: the M/T Bornova, the M/T Urla 1, the M/T Ulucak, the M/T Yıldızburnu, M/T Alsancak nad the M/T Çeşme. Arkas Bunkering plans to continue adding double-hull barges to its fleet, which currently has a capacity of 7.868 dwt.


Contact details

Assistant Fleet Manager
Capt .Haluk İRİBAŞ
Tel: 00 90 212 318 00 00
Fax: 00 90 212 275 43 04
1st.Fleet Manager
Ahmet Şimşek
Tel: 00 90 212 318 00 00
Fax: 00 90 212  275 43 04
2nd..Fleet Manager
Şefik Aşkan
Tel: 00 90 212 318 00 00
Fax: 00 90 212 275 43 04

HR Manager
Alaattin KURT
Tel: 00 90 212 318 00 00
Fax: 90 212 213 04 70

Senior DPA/CSO
Capt. - Hakan TUNÇ
Tel: 00 90 212 318 00 00
Fax: 00 90 212 275 43 04

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