THESSALONIKI 43, 26th Oktovriou Street 546 27 Thessaloniki
+30 2310 500 027
+30 2310 527 602

  P.I.C. Ext Email
President Aurette Arkas   aurette.arkas@arkas-hellas.gr
Managing Director Theodore Costopoulos   theodore.costopoulos@arkas-hellas.gr
Managing Director  Philippos Costopoulos 919 philippos.costopoulos@arkas-hellas.gr
Assistant Managing Director  Wanda Costopoulos 303 wanda.costopoulos@arkas-hellas.gr
Corporate Projects Director Paris Evangelinos 925 paris.evangelinos@arkas-hellas.gr
Secretary Cristina Karpenisi 400/401 arkasthe@arkas-hellas.gr
Secretary Eva Nestora 912/935 arkasthe@arkas-hellas.gr
Sales & Marketing Department   sales.skg@arkas-hellas.gr
Assistant Office Manager George Gozis 450 george.gozis@arkas-hellas.gr
Sales & Marketing Manager Manolis Alexiadis 451 manolis.alexiadis@arkas-hellas.gr
Sales & Marketing Representative Giannis Tsolakis 452 giannis.tsolakis@arkas-hellas.gr
Sales Customer Servise Representative Maria Plousiou 453 maria.plousiou@arkas-hellas.gr
Import Customer Service Dpt. & Import Documentation Department - D/O  exports.skg@arkas-hellas.gr
Import Documentation Supervisor  Maria Passara 420 maria.passara@arkas-hellas.gr
Import Documentation Representative Olga Apostolidou 423 olga.apostolidou@arkas-hellas.gr
Import Customer Service Supervisor & D/O Martha Chotzidou 421 martha.chotzidou@arkas-hellas.gr
Export Customer Service Department   csi.skg@arkas-hellas.gr
Export Customer Service Supervisor Lila Vierou 460 lila.vierou@arkas-hellas.gr
Export Customer Service Representative Anna Zardalidou  461 anna.zardalidou@arkas-hellas.gr
Export Department   exports.skg@arkas-hellas.gr
Export Supervisor Dimitra Kioussi 430 dimitra.kioussi@arkas-hellas.gr
Export Clerk Katerina Tsikou 431 katerina.tsikou@arkas-hellas.gr
Port Operations Department & Equipment Control Department equipment.control.skg@arkas-hellas.gr
Port Operation Supervisor Tasos Petrou 915 tasos.petrou@arkas-hellas.gr
Port Operation Team Antonis Tziatzios  911 antonis.tziatzios@arkas-hellas.gr
Invoicing Department     invoicing.skg@arkas-hellas.gr
Invoicing Representative Elena Gavrilou 928 elena.gavrilou@arkas-hellas.gr
Invoicing Clerk Elsa Marmara 410 elsa.marmara@arkas-hellas.gr
Customer Service Department     ops.skg@arkas-hellas.gr
YML Customer Service Supervisor Martha Chotzidou 913 martha.chotzidou@arkas-hellas.gr
Arkas Line Customer Service Supervisor Lila Vierou 927 lila.vierou@arkas-hellas.gr


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